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Bob Moore, Wichita, KS
Dick, thanks for all you do and have done for college basketball, but how about giving the Jayhawks credit for doing a lot of things right in the last 2:12. The Jayhawks were in the lead longer than Memphis, had a better shooting percentage, was tied in turnovers, had more assists and a better free throw percentage. Both teams busted it, but KU had the last run. When we lost in '03 it was how great Carmelo was -- not how KU missed 20 free throws. Syracuse was a heck of lot luckier than KU was. It feels like the media is not giving the guys who played their bottoms off much credit. I know it is not Duke or North Carolina, but come on guys KU did play great and deserved to win. Thanks again! I hope you have a great injury free year next year. College basketball fans missed you this year. Here's to your good health.

Dick Vitale: I give Kansas all the credit in the world for coming back and winning the national championship. Bill Self did a great job and the Jayhawks earned the right to celebrate. That said, Memphis had its share of opportunities and up nine with 2:12 left, the Tigers should have put the game away with one of those free throws. I also felt Memphis should have fouled instead of letting Mario Chalmers get off the three-pointer. The fans in Lawrence and the players deserved to celebrate the great comeback.

Gary (Columbus)
Dick, which of the national player of the year awards do you consider to the most prestigious and why? Thanks

Vitale: I feel that all of the awards are special. Whether you are talking about the Naismith, the Wooden, the AP National Player of the Year, they are all meaningful. Believe me, the player that wins any of those awards is happy to accept it. Any honor is special.

Leonard K, (Great Bend, Kansas)
I had an idea about the issue with fouling out after five fouls. What about adopting a part of hockey rules. Maybe after the fifth foul there become time penalties instead of losing a player for the rest of the game. Maybe three minutes for the sixth foul and five for seven and so on. I am a huge KU fan but think about if the Memphis big man (Joey Dorsey) that fouled out was available to them at the end or even in the overtime after sitting in the "penalty box" for three minutes or whatever. Obviously you can't go a man down like hockey, but a penalty like this would add some real strategy to the game.

Vitale: I don't know that much about hockey, whether it is red lines, blue lines, even green lines. I just feel college basketball is the one sport that punishes players for fouling. As I have said before, it would be good for the sport to have a rule change to keep players who foul out in the game with a penalty. I don't know about your idea with minutes.

Jonathan (Lewis Center)
Bobby Knight seems to still have a strong passion for college basketball. What would it take or will a school take a chance and give him a head coaching position in the next few years?

Vitale: I really feel, after spending time with Bob on the set during the NCAA tournament, he loves the game and really enjoys teaching. I believe an athletic director looking for an exceptional leader who has a great reputation for running a clean program, Bob Knight would be a viable candidate. In my mind, he could coach for another10 years if he landed in the right situation.

Jeremy Lebow
Dick, Who do you think will be in the Final Four next year?

Vitale: It is too early to make predictions because so many players have declared for the NBA draft? I did a preliminary top five on our final show at the Final Four and picked North Carolina No. 1. That depends on whether Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson came back. I will give my early Top 25 after all the players determine their status for the NBA draft.

Amy Mathur
Dicky V, congratulations on the HOF nod. It is well-deserved. As you often say, you have the best job in America and now you are in the best club in America, too.

Vitale: Thank you very much. I have truly appreciated the kind words from people, at the Final Four, people coming over at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch, letters from fans, coaches, media members. It has all been overwhelming. I am so grateful and I am looking forward to the induction in Springfield, Massachusetts in September. This is the ultimate honor.

Chapel Hill NC
Is it possible that Roy Williams has become a "deer in the headlights" two years in a row? Last year, he lets young kids keep on playing despite the fact that they were reeling, didn't call a timeout until the momentum and eventually the G Town game was decided. On Saturday, after UNC clawed its way back to close within four, instead of a calming timeout and strategy to utilize the half court defense that got them back in the game, he let these kids continue playing at a frenetic pace that played right into Kansas' hands. Once again fronting Kansas' big men when they clearly had the advantage led to six easy baskets that sealed their fate. He didn't call a timeout until they were down 13 points! Seems Roy doesn't have the same skills and use of timeouts that made Dean Smith the "dean" of them all when it came to end of the game management.

VITALE: I don't agree with the deer in the headlights comment. North Carolina fell behind 40-12 but came back and trailed by just four points in the second half. Coaches go with different decisions when they fall behind. Roy Williams is a Hall of Fame coach who has won a national championship.

Dick Vitale coached the Pistons and the University of Detroit before broadcasting ESPN's first college basketball game in December 1979. Send him a question for possible use on ESPNEWS.