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Mizzou coach breaks silence, welcomes probe

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'Tale of Two Coaches' for Donovan, Snyder


Sept. 4
Who would have ever believed that Florida, known as a football school, would give a huge new contract to basketball coach Billy Donovan? I wonder what former Florida football coach Steve Spurrier was thinking when he heard that the basketball coach in Gainesville is making $700,000 more than the football coach!
Billy Donovan

Billy D. making $1.7 million a year -- wow, give me a loan, baby! It's incredible to think about a six-year deal at that kind of money! AD Jeremy Foley is making a major statement with this latest move.

Donovan is just 38 years old, and the former jump shooter for Rick Pitino at Providence is now one of the best-paid college coaches in America. Mr. Foley loves Billy D., and he's making sure his coach doesn't bolt for another major-college position or even the NBA.

The style of play down in Florida -- run, press and shoot -- is loved by many. The question is: Can he lead the Gators to a national championship?

It's amazing to see a hoop coach in Gainesville getting those dollars. When he leaves that job one day, can I submit my resumé? Are you kidding me, I would love to work for an athletic director like Foley.

While things are all smiles for Billy D., the same can't be said for Missouri's Quin Snyder.

Yes, Snyder recently said that he welcomed an investigation of his program. Let me tell you, when there is all that snooping and all of those questions to be answered, things tend to get uncovered. That often leads to the demise of a coach -- not that I'm saying it will happen in Columbia, Missouri.

Quin Snyder
We have seen so much happen in the Big 12, with the scandal at Baylor leading to Dave Bliss resigning. There was the problem at Iowa State leading to the departure of Larry Eustachy. Now the investigation of Ricky Clemons is causing a nightmare for the Missouri staff.

Snyder swears to his innocence, according to all reports. Only time will tell where this will end up. It's something that has to be a headache for a Tiger staff that put together a team with a legitimate chance to cut the nets down this year.

I'm sure they would like it to come to an end. Just look what has happened at Ohio State; it started with an inquiry with running back Maurice Clarett and a statement here and there, leading to a suspension and now more controversy as it drags on and on.

Such soap operas cause distractions to the program in question. Now Clarett may never wear that Buckeyes uniform again.

I know Snyder brings loads of enthusiasm, tremendous passion and a tremendous work ethic. It is sad that a player who comes in with a questionable background will be the focal point and create a nightmare for a program.

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