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The NCAA gets props for restoring Michigan's postseason eligibility.

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NCAA gets it right: Michigan eligible again


Sept. 25
Here's a salute and let's play a song -- how about Michigan's "Hail to the Victors," baby! That's one of the best fight songs out there, along with one they play in South Bend that goes, "Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame."

The bottom line is, it's "Hail to the Victors" time in Ann Arbor. Michigan's basketball program reportedly has won its appeal and will be eligible for the 2004 postseason. That's right, the Maize and Blue will be eligible for the NCAA Tournament or the NIT.

Tommy Amaker
Michigan got a raw deal with the punishment inflicted by the NCAA's infractions committee last May. It wasn't fair to penalize current Michigan players for problems that went back a decade or more to the Fab Five days.

Current coach Tommy Amaker has done everything right, and last year's penalty was way too severe. So this news will be welcomed with jubilation on the Ann Arbor campus. It's fantastic to see that justice has now been done.

I believe there will be a celebration in the Michigan locker room for the biggest victory of the year! Winning this appeal is as big as it gets.

I firmly believe this in my heart: Why should any of today's players have to pay for the improprieties of others? Daniel Horton, Bernard Robinson Jr., Lester Abram and Co. suffered last year by being kept out of postseason tournaments. Mistakes made by Chris Webber and Co. ended up hurting innocent players.

Yes, the Wolverines deserve to play for the prize this year. Those kids showed a lot of class in the way they performed last year despite being ineligible for tournament play. They played every possession like they were playing for the national championship. That's a tribute to their leader, Mr. Amaker.

Before it's all said and done, Amaker will be a big-time success in Ann Arbor. In his own quiet, cerebral and classy way, he will lead Michigan to big things. He will be dancing at center court, baby! I'm happy for him and the kids at Michigan, because justice was done here with the reinstatement of postseason eligibility.

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