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Saul Smith deserves salute from Kentucky fans


Wednesday night is Saul Smith's farewell at Kentucky. Senior Night is special all over the country, and at Rupp Arena, the guard deserves a standing ovation from the fans in blue.

Saul Smith
Saul Smith's long journey at Kentucky is nearing its end.

There is not another player in college basketball who has faced the scrutiny and constant evaluation that Saul Smith has endured. I admire the fact that he has never moaned and groaned about the fans and the criticism. He has held his head up high, showing tremendous spirit, enthusiasm and effort on the court.

He is not the most talented player to ever wear the Kentucky uniform. He gave everything he had every night he stepped onto the court. Smith showed tremendous character during his collegiate career. Remember, he has a championship ring to show for his effort.

There were times where the relationship between Kentucky fans and the guard were nasty. The crowd vented their frustrations and the venom flowed. Smith never retaliated, simply plugging along, giving it his all.

He has been an important part of Kentucky's run this season.

It is never easy to have your son play for you, and Tubby Smith has been unfairly criticized at times. It is difficult when your son doesn't have star ability. In fact, it creates a dilemma. Both Smiths have handled the situation well, and the Wildcats are once again one of the top stories in the SEC this season.

Fans often waited for reasons to fault both Smiths. When Kentucky opened this season at 3-5, the nay-sayers and doubters were out in full force. Fingers were being pointed by the Kentucky rooters. But the confidence never faded in the Smith camp.

Now, in Saul Smith's final home game, it is time for the fans to give a proper salute. The guard deserves a big-time standing ovation. I hope the fans in Rupp Arena come through with it.

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