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Bucks, Bonds see stock rise; White Sox slide


May 21
Each week I will post my "Dick's Dow Jones" report on whose stock is up and whose is down from across the world of sports.

Barry Bonds
Barry Bonds connects for one of his home runs last week.

First, the Milwaukee Bucks have seen their stock climb. Coach George Karl had the ability to scrap and claw and get the most out of his ability as a player. He did it in high school in Pennsylvania, at the University of North Carolina and then as a pro.

He still has that personality, and it has rubbed off on the Bucks. Milwaukee deserves a salute, coming back to take its series against Charlotte. The Big Three -- Glenn Robinson, Ray Allen and Sam Cassell -- came through big-time.

The Big Dog came up big-time, hitting the key shot time after time. Now the Bucks are in the Eastern Conference finals against Allen Iverson and the Sixers. You know Milwaukee is the toast of the Midwest right now.

Also, stock up for Barry Bonds of the Giants. To me, he is the best all-around left fielder ever to play the game. He can do it all: hit with power, hit for average, throw, run and field. He has done it all in his career.

Bonds hit six home runs in three games. That's awesome, baby, with a capital A!

Stock down ... for the NBA draft. There is total confusion and chaos, with nobody standing out as a No. 1 pick. A player at No. 6 or 7 who could be as good as the No. 1 pick.

It will be a deep draft, but there isn't a dominating player who will immediately change a franchise. I've said over and over that too many underclassmen feel they will go in the first round. You don't have to be a math major to figure out that with 28 first-round picks, there will be a number of disappointed young men without guaranteed dollars.

Also down are the Chicago White Sox. Give me a break -- who would have thought the AL Central champions of a year ago would be sitting in last place at 14-27? The White Sox are well behind the Minnesota Twins, a team with a payroll of about $25 million. Then Chicago fires Von Joshua as batting coach, as if it is totally his fault. Frank Thomas was hurt. Cal Eldred has been out, too.

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