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Bulls keep losing, but Floyd is a winner


Nov. 13
My heart bleeds for coach Tim Floyd as he struggles with the Chicago Bulls.

I happen to know what kind of coach Floyd is. I witnessed what he did at Iowa State and saw him succeed at New Orleans. He is a winner.

Tim Floyd
Tim Floyd is in his fourth year as the Bulls' coach in the post-Jordan era.
Floyd has a great knowledge of the game. He has a tremendous basketball IQ -- he understands the game's nuances and how to motivate and inspire young men. It's really sad to see what he has been burdened with.

Yes, I understand he's making major dollars, and some people will say, "Hey, look at all the cash he's making, man! His bank account is impressive!"

But when you're a coach, you want to have equal footing. You want to have a chance to win. Tell me how Floyd has a chance to compete with the likes of Lakers coach Phil Jackson and others?

This is the NBA, not the YMCA. Every game counts and it counts big-time, baby! It affects your visibility and exposure, which in turn affects your job and professional reputation. The bottom line is, when you look at the Bulls' roster, you see a lot of losses.

When I think of some of the decisions that have been made in Chicago, I shake my head. Elton Brand being shipped to the Clippers for Tyson Chandler? Sure, Chandler may develop into a player down the road. But Brand is a player -- there are no maybes in talking about him. He's one of the few guys who will give you a consistent 20-plus points and 10-plus rebounds every night. That is special, and there has been no change in his production since he joined the Clippers. Plus, Brand is not exactly over the hill after leaving Duke early following his sophomore year year.

I hope Floyd sees what is happening in Chicago. Perhaps he can return to the college ranks the same way John Calipari and Rick Pitino did. Floyd's talents would be appreciated there, and his ability to teach would make a difference.

Floyd knows how to win. Anyone who associates him with losing just doesn't know what this guy is made of. He's a fighter, competitor and workaholic who deserves better.

Timmy, baby, I hope you're thinking about going back to college basketball.

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