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Davis' deal not done in Indiana


Nov. 29
I was surprised when Indiana coach Mike Davis told John Saunders and yours truly that he has not signed the four-year contract he has been given.

Davis has not dotted the i's nor crossed the t's, and there apparently are several issues to be resolved. Several items have to be changed before it is solidified.

My feeling is the deal will be done. Indiana is one of the premier basketball programs in America. Davis, who was Mr. Hustle as a player at Alabama, has worked so hard to keep the Hoosiers among the Big Ten elite.

I know Davis can't be happy with Indiana's scheduling. The Hoosiers had a long journey to Anchorage, Alaska, and there are just two games in Bloomington, Ind., before the start of Big Ten play. The schedule ahead is not cupcake city; it includes undefeated Notre Dame, Ball State (the Cardinals upset Kansas and UCLA in Maui), Southern Illinois (the Salukis took Illinois to the wire) and Kentucky in December.

I think the contract will all be solved when both parties sit down.

I was also surprised when Davis went to the 2-3 zone against North Carolina in the second half. That was a good coaching move, one that was utilized perfectly once Indiana was in command.

The development of George Leach inside will be a factor for the Hoosiers. He is a shot-blocker who can be a pleasant surprise for Indiana's baseline, which lost Kirk Haston to early entry into the NBA.

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