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All-Rudy Guiliani team honors five top coaches


Dec. 10
I have so much admiration and respect for the job that New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani has done since the tragedy of Sept. 11.

My All-Rudy Guiliani team features five coaches who know what it takes to be a winner in the face of a challenge.
He has displayed tremendous leadership in an extremely difficult situation. His ability to handle the adversity, to keep people together, has been something special. To me, great leadership comes from the ability to know the strengths and weaknesses of the people you deal with. Being able to handle pressure under adversity is an important trait.

The ability to show leadership in the sports field has similar principles.

With that in mind, I present my All-Rudy Guiliani team. This group features five coaches who know what it takes to be a winner in the face of a challenge. They have been consistent, getting toward the top year in and year out.

Coach K does everything well. He is a great teacher, recruiter and coach. His program is the model for success in college basketball. I know there are some who criticize Duke, but what's not to like about this program?

The Bronx Bombers fell short in their attempt to make it four straight World Series titles. Still, Torre's ability to work with the talented Yankees, trying to keep everyone happy, stands out. His ability to mesh the talent and handle things in a manner where he's always under control is impressive.

He was a big-time winner with the Bulls, and now he has kept Shaq and Kobe together in winning two straight NBA titles. The Lakers have gotten out of the gate quickly this season.

Talk about success and consistency over a long period of time! The Red Wings got off to a blazing start this season. He's tied for the NHL record for coaching Stanley Cup champions (eight); he's the only coach to win championships with three different teams. Bowman has been coaching since the late 1960s!

I know the Gators were disappointed by the loss to Tennessee, but year in and year out, Florida is a contender for the national title. You can bet the Gators will be in the top 10, and Spurrier has done a great job of putting an exciting offense on the field.

There you have it, my All-Rudy Guiliani team! They are great leaders who have earned a lot of respect. To me, they are awesome with a capital A!

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