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Dick Vitale gives his Stock Watch report for Feb. 25.
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California soars in Pac-10


Feb. 25
Dick's Stock Watch identifies whose stock is up and whose is down over the past week across the world of sports.

California men's basketball: Cal coach Ben Braun, who once took Eastern Michigan to the Sweet 16, led the Golden Bears to big victories over UCLA and USC. Cal now has a 20-6 record (11-5 Pac-10).

Sarah Hughes: The 16-year-old was phenomenal in winning the gold medal in women's figure skating at the Winter Olympics.

Wayne Gretzky: Team Canada was brilliant in winning the gold medal in men's hockey, ending a 50-year gold drought.

Jerry Krause: He has been ripped for the deals he has made in the past -- and I'm not sure how his most recent trade will play out longterm -- but the Chicago Bulls are 3-0 since Krause traded for Jalen Rose and Travis Best.

Kentucky men's basketball: Kentucky hoops has become a soap opera. The latest: Gerald Fitch and Erik Daniels showed their immaturity by trying to use fake ID to get into a local establishment. The Kentucky program has some of the best fans in the world, a great coach and a tremendous program. It's time for some kids to grow up, lace 'em up and play.

Virginia men's basketball: After the Cavaliers started the season 9-0, who would have thought they'd be struggling for an NCAA Tournament berth? The Cavs were being talked abut as a contender in the ACC, but now they're literally on the March Madness bubble.

Tiger Woods: I picked him to win golf's Match Play Championship, but the top-seeded Woods was upset in the first round.

Russian Olympic Committee: Stop whining and crying and moaning and groaning about the 2002 Winter Olympics, baby!

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