Vitale: Sunday's second-round recaps

Vitale: Saturday's second-round recaps

Dick's Stock Watch: March 11

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Dick Vitale gives his Stock Watch report for March 18.

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Stock soars for mid-majors


March 18
Dick's Stock Watch identifies whose stock is up and whose is down over the past week across the world of sports.

I've said all along that the little guys belonged in the Big Dance, and Kent State and Southern Illinois are mid-majors that have made noise in advancing to the Sweet 16. Kent State's Stan Heath is my diaper dandy coach of the year. Bruce Weber has done a great job with Southern Illinois. Rolan Roberts, Kent Williams, Jermaine Dearman and company rallied from a 19-point deficit as the Salukis beat Georgia. Now the two Cinderellas take on Big East opponents in the Sweet 16.

How about a salute to Tayshaun Prince of Kentucky? He came through big-time with 41 points against Tulsa. Now Prince goes up against Maryland; coach Gary Williams' club won't allow him to get 41, baby!

The San Antonio Spurs are on fire, sporting a nine-game win streak. Tim Duncan is one of my favorite players. The Spurs will battle the Lakers, Kings and Mavericks for the best record out West.

The Iowa women's hoop team stopped by ESPN this weekend, and I was happy to meet them. They then went out and beat Virginia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. It could be one and done, since the next game is against Geno Auriemma and No. 1 Connecticut on Monday night.

What was Tim Hardaway of the Nuggets thinking after being ejected from a game? He threw a TV set onto the court and earned a two-game suspension.

The Alabama men's hoop team had a disappointing end to the season in a loss to Kent State. The Tide came in as a No. 2 seed and was rolled out. ESPN's Rece Davis, an Alabama grad, had to be sad over that loss, baby!

The Minnesota Timberwolves have lost seven in a row. I can't believe I'm saying that about Kevin Garnett! I thought that I could put out a team of Garnett, Vitale, Davis, Digger Phelps and Andy Katz and not lose seven straight.

Then there was Ruben Rivera of the Yankees -- or should I say then of the Yankees! He got caught stealing Derek Jeter's glove and bat ... he should have stolen Jeter's talent.

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