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Stock Down: Players, Owners


Aug. 19
Dick's Stock Watch identifies whose stock is up and whose is down over the past week across the world of sports.

You have to love the mental toughness of Rich Beem in winning the PGA Championship. Here's a guy who was selling cell phones and car stereos, and now he's on top of the golf world. He was brilliant in making a 35-foot putt on the 16th hole Sunday. He handled the pressure well as Tiger Woods made birdies on each of the final four holes. Beem is a great story!

When you talk about the Yankees, you usually mention Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Roger Clemens. But you don't hear enough about Bernie Williams, who had 11 straight hits at one point last week. Year in and year out, he goes about his business and performs in a professional manner. He's on fire and he's a sensational, classy pro.

Curt Schilling has had a super season and he recently earned his 20th win. He has the potential to be the first NL pitcher to win 25 games in a season since Steve Carlton won 27 in 1972.

Alex Rodriguez has hit six home runs in the last three days. He's a flawless fielder who comes to play every day on a team that has struggled all season long. A-Rod is my pick for AL MVP!

Baseball's players and owners are both at fault, and now the strike date is set for Aug. 30. Come on guys, get in a room and settle this thing! If there is a strike, you will lose a lot of fans, including me. Forget about me writing out my check for Devil Rays season tickets!

The New York Mets have lost 11 straight home games. Manager Bobby Valentine's team has been very disappointing. How can a lineup that includes Mike Piazza, Roberto Alomar and Mo Vaughn lose 11 in a row at home? This team has quality players, but they haven't been performing.

Phil Mickelson has got game, so it must be mental when he struggles at the majors. He shot a 76 in the opening round to fall out of contention, and a 78 in the third round. Mickelson has a lot of talent but he can't seem to put it together.

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