Harrick suspended; Georgia out of SEC, NCAA tourneys

With Georgia out, Tennessee receives SEC quarters bye

Report: More allegations surface against Harrick

Former Georgia player Cole faces felony charge

Georgia fires Harrick Jr.; Will Harrick be next?

ESPN's Vitale talks with Georgia coach Harrick Sr.

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Jim Harrick talks to ESPN's Dick Vitale about the allegations made by Tony Cole.
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Bulldogs pay for suspension of Harrick, 2 players


March 10
I wasn't shocked to hear that Georgia coach Jim Harrick Sr. has been suspended. Anyone who has followed this story knew that eventually Harrick would be off the sideline.

Jim Harrick
Harrick Sr.
School President Michael Adams said, just one day after I interviewed Harrick last week, that he would listen to investigators and not his coach. His confidence in his leader seemed to have disappeared.

Considering the controversy that has transpired at Harrick's past stops at UCLA, Rhode Island and now Georgia, one can't be shocked by this latest development. But I was surprised to hear that school officials decided to pull Georgia out of the SEC and NCAA Tournaments.

School officials said that two players -- junior forward Chris Daniels and junior guard Rashad Wright -- were found to be involved with alleged improprieties. Both were suspended from the team. My question is, why punish the entire team?

What about kids like Jarvis Hayes, Jonas Hayes, Steve Thomas, Ezra Williams, Damien Wilkins? These kids have practiced so diligently and worn the uniform in a positive way. Shutting down the basketball program because of the actions of Harrick, his son and two players is totally unfair to others in the program.

Some of Harrick's trouble revolves around a basketball coaching class offered by Georgia's physical education department and taught by his son, Jim Harrick Jr., who until last week was an assistant coach on his father's staff. Former Georgia player Tony Cole has alleged that he never attended the course but still received credit for it.

In my opinion, any coach that teaches a class at any institution should not have one of his players in that course. No player should be allowed to have a member of the athletic department as a teacher. That would avoid lots of potential problems.

Here we are in March, and instead of focusing on great action on the court, everyone is talking about Georgia and Harrick. He has not been officially fired, but the chance of him coaching on the Bulldogs' sideline again is slim. I know he has been suspended with pay, but his future there is bleak.

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