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College basketball guru Dick Vitale was tracking the NBA draft. Check out his draft-related columns:

Vitale: Next Nowitzki or next Frederic Weis?
I feel that many of the record 20 international players drafted will be flops. Remember Frederic Weis?

Vitale: NBA draft tidbits
I'm not sure about some of the advice that was given to underclassmen who went undrafted ... again.

Vitale: NBA draft analysis
The Pistons may end up regretting not taking Carmelo Anthony with the No. 2 overall pick.

Vitale's Mock Draft
Figuring out the first three picks in Thursday night's NBA draft is easy. After that, it's a crap shoot.

Vitale: Draft sleepers could make NBA teams pay
BC guard Troy Bell is among the draft sleepers who could make NBA teams pay down the road.

Vitale: What is Mo thinking?
Alabama's Maurice Williams should have pulled out of the draft and returned to school.

Vitale: Collison, Hinrich worthy of lottery
If I were making draft decisions, I would want guys like Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich on my NBA team.

Vitale: Great decision for Chris Thomas
Notre Dame's Chris Thomas made a brilliant decision by pulling out of the draft.

Vitale: Memo to Chris Thomas, Mo Williams
Notre Dame's Chris Thomas and Alabama's Maurice Williams should pull out of the draft and return to school.

Vitale: International players primed for impact
The NBA is ready for a new breed of foreign player, like 7-4 Siberian Pavel Podkolzine.

Vitale: Memo to phenoms not named LeBron
College or the NBA? Some of this year's early-entry candidates should reconsider their decisions.

Vitale: Erazem Lorbek, poster child for early-entry insanity
Michigan State's Erazem Lorbek is a classic example of an early-entry who should've stayed in school.

Vitale: It's LeBron mania as Cavs get top pick
Cleveland has to be ecstatic that local phenom LeBron James will suit up for the Cavs.

V-Mail: Isn't Carmelo better than LeBron?
Dickie V takes your questions on LeBron-Carmelo, paying student-athletes, the ACC-Big East mess, objectivity and more.

Vitale: Would-be Rolls Royce team now eyes NBA
Most of my 2003-04 preseason All-America team has declared for the NBA draft.

Vitale: LeBron will make instant NBA impact
How long will it take LeBron James to make an impact? Try his first NBA quarter.

Vitale: Carmelo a top-five lock
Can anyone be surprised that Carmelo Anthony is going pro? He'll be a top-five pick for sure.

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