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Sad to hear that Majerus' career could be done


Jan. 28, 2004
What in the world is going on here? First the news of Louisville coach Rick Pitino taking a medical leave and going for tests -- and thank God the news was good. Now comes word that Utah coach Rick Majerus has been hospitalized because of chest pains.

Rick Majerus
Rick Majerus
Majerus has had a history of heart problems related to his weight. He is one of the most popular coaches in college basketball, a fun guy who almost always has a smile on his face. This is such a sad, sad story.

The stress of college coaching can wear on people. To have to deal with X's and O's is just one small aspect of the job. There's recruiting, fund-raising, dealing with the pressure of winning ... it goes on and on.

I just hope Majerus will take care of himself now. He has to worry about himself first and foremost, with basketball taking a back seat.

I understand that he will leave his job as coach at Utah after this season. But now there's a question about whether he'll return to the sidelines at all this season.

He has taken a leave of absence before. It looks like he has a tougher battle on his hands this time.

Majerus has done an incredible job building the Utah program. He's a hero out there. His coaching career has been outstanding, but his health has to be priority No. 1 right now.

I just wish him all the best. I really care for Rick Majerus, a great, caring person.

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