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NABC proposes intriguing rule changes


I recently saw some of the ideas proposed by the National Association of Basketball Coaches to the NCAA Management Council. It's an interesting list of thoughts to make the game I love even better.

One that stood out to me is a topic I've brought up for years. College coaches want to be able to evaluate their recruits and work with them during the offseason to see if they fit into their system. If a coach is going to take a recruit, he wants to see how the player will react to his coaching. That type of offseason evaluation wouldn't affect a top-10 player, but it would be a great way to see if a kid is marginal.

Coaches should be able to work with their players during the offseason.
Coaches should be able to work with their players during the offseason. There's nothing wrong with wanting players to get better and better. A related potential rule change would allow coaches to work out players for a two-hour time span in the offseason.

Coaches also want stronger self-policing with the imposition of more serious penalties for programs committing violations which the NCAA currently considers to be minor. Also, there's talk of a panel discussing the idea of giving players five years of eligibility instead of the current five-years-to-play-four scenario. When you consider that some students take five years to graduate from college, that sounds like a good idea.

Let's see if the NCAA Management Council approves these changes proposed by the coaches. NCAA president Myles Brand reportedly likes and supports some of these ideas. Coaches and administrators now share some common ground and are engaging in dialogue -- and that is a positive.

The bottom line is improving the great game of college basketball.

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