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 Super Lance!
Mike and Mike: Lance Armstrong leads the way on Dickie V's Stock Watch report for July 26.

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Lance sets Tour record


July 26, 2004 | Dick's Stock Watch provides a fast-glance review of the past week in the world of sports, charting whose stock is up and whose is down...

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong -- Armstrong won a record sixth straight Tour de France championship. He is simply dominant in the sport of cycling. You have to be impressed with his new record. Armstrong has always handled adversity, winning all six Tour de France titles after recovering from testicular cancer.

Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley -- These baseball superstars were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Molitor is a member of the 3,000-hit club, while Eckersley is one of the greatest closers of all time (who also excelled as a starter).

Los Angeles Dodgers -- Despite losing Sunday, the Dodgers have been on fire, winning 17 of their past 20 games. Adrian Beltre has had a super season for L.A. I was with Mr. Dodger, former manager Tommy Lasorda, in Los Angeles last week and I also met the new owner, Frank McCourt.

Cleveland Indians -- The Indians have won four straight and are over .500. Very quietly, manager Eric Wedge has done a terrific job. How many people even know who the manager is in Cleveland?

Lindsay Davenport -- Davenport beat both Venus and Serena Williams to win the JP Morgan Chase tennis event in California. Davenport has won two straight WTA tournaments.

Arizona Diamondbacks -- The D-Backs have now lost 14 straight, and everyone is still wondering what will happen with ace Randy Johnson. Put on those pinstripes, Randy -- the New York Yankees need you in a short series.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- My Devil Rays have lost six straight and are battling the Baltimore Orioles for third place in the AL East.

Florida Marlins -- The Marlins scored just seven runs in losing the past three games to Montreal.

Miami Dolphins -- The Dolphins could slide with RB Ricky Williams opting to retire. They need another running back, though I believe Williams might return.

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