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Mike and Mike: Dick Vitale gives a Stock Up to the U.S. women in his Stock Watch report for Aug. 30.

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U.S. women are golden


Aug. 30, 2004 | Dick's Stock Watch provides a fast-glance review of the past week in the world of sports, charting whose stock is up and whose is down ...

U.S. women's basketball -- The U.S. women went undefeated in winning the gold medal. Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes and Dawn Staley each collected their third gold medals.

U.S. women's soccer -- The soccer team, led by Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy, went out on top by beating Brazil in the gold-medal match.

Tim Mack -- The U.S. athlete set an Olympic record in the pole vault in capturing the gold medal.

Misty May and Kerri Walsh -- The dynamic duo dominated in beach volleyball, winning the gold.

Red Sox, A's, Angels and Rangers -- These four teams have all played well. It should be quite a battle down the stretch for the AL West and the AL wild-card berth.

Adrian Beltre -- The Los Angeles Dodgers star just keeps hitting home runs (an MLB-leading 42 on the season).

U.S. men's basketball -- The U.S. men settled for a bronze medal. The Dream Team turned into a nightmare.

Marion Jones -- Jones failed to earn a medal in the long jump or the relay, struggling with the baton handoff.

NCAA -- The NCAA failed to reinstate USC wide receiver Mike Williams. It's a shame that the NCAA doesn't use common sense.

Baltimore Orioles -- The Orioles have really slid, losing 12 straight games going into play on Sunday before finally winning against Texas.

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