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Worst uniforms

 10. San Diego Clippers, powder blues, early '80s
Generally speaking, powder blue is not a good color. It doesn't work as an eyeliner, automobile paint or pro basketball uniform. The only team that should be allowed to wear it is the North Carolina Tar Heels and Bill Walton's Clippers were no Tar Heels.

9. Cleveland Indians all-red, mid-'70s
First of all, it's never a good idea to dress in one color from jersey to shoes. Specifically, however, imagine Boog Powell at the end of his career, topping the scales at somewhere close to 300 pounds, wearing this costume. He looked like a big tomato. Oh, with the Orioles, Boog also wore an all-orange ensemble. You had to be there.

8. Tampa Buccaneers, puke orange
You would think, somewhere along the line, after yet another losing season, somebody in the Tampa Bay front office would have thought, "You know, maybe these uniforms aren't helping matters any. Maybe our players suffer from lack of self-image because of our hideously-colored shirts. Maybe we should try for a color a little more macho, since, you know, this is the NFL."

Best uniforms
1. New York Yankees
Classic. Traditional. Pinstripes. Winning.

2. Michigan Wolverines
Best helmet in football.

3. Oakland Raiders
Silver and black. In-your-face tough colors.

4. Detroit Red Wings
The winged wheel. Fire red. Love it.

5. Penn State Nittany Lions
Simple blue and white. And not about to change. Thank goodness.

7. United States Ryder Cup shirts, 1999
These maroon shirts with prints of golf photos were so ugly you wanted to root for the Europeans. Not one sports souvenir you wish to find under the Christmas tree this year.

6. Vancouver Canucks Halloween costumes
From the late '70s through the mid-'80s the Canucks wore the mind-numbing combination of brown, yellow and orange. Also had an all-yellow combination. How did hockey ever survive in Vancouver?

5. Atlanta Hawks, early '70s
The NBA at this time did not have a lot to be proud of, especially the uniforms of the Hawks. These were so bad as to almost defy description: lime green with blue and white stripes on the back.

4. San Diego Padres, 1970s mustard-colored monstrosities
The '70s were certainly the dark days in baseball uniform history. Not only were the traditional button-ups dumped in favor of polyester pullovers, but home whites and road grays were exchanged for brighter hues. Besides the all-red and all-orange atrocities of the Indians and Orioles (and Giants), the Pirates went with varying combinations of black, gold, white and pinstripes, mixing and matching their tops and bottoms (sort of like the Diamondbacks do now). Nearly every teams wore those dreadful light blue road uniforms. The Phillies once wore all-burgundy. But San Diego's dreadful brown and mustard combination (hot dog, anyone?) was a sight that made sore eyes.

3. Denver Broncos, 1960-61
How bad were these? They were all-famous ugly: Brown helmet, yellow jersey, brown pants and socks with brown and yellow vertical stripes. During training camp in 1962, the Broncos got new uniforms. The team threw all their old socks into a bonfire to celebrate.

2. Chicago White Sox, collars and shorts, early '80s
The White Sox are the all-time bad uniform champions. They were the first team to wear blue road uniforms. In the early '70s they were pink pinstripes. OK, they were red, but they sure looked like pink on the baseball cards. Who can forget the block "SOX" across the chest in the mid-'80s? But the worst were Bill Veeck's softball uniforms, black shirts (not tucked in) with white collars and white pants that ended at the knee. They were just plain embarrassing.

1. Anne White's 1985 Wimbledon unitard
Just check the photo.

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