Monday, December 20
21 rounds? No, but here are 21 predictions
By Eric Karabell

 As the 21st century begins, here are 21 things to keep an eye out for in and out of the ring:

1. Championship fights go from 12 to 10 rounds to avoid injury.

2. No more sanctioning bodies -- ever!

3. No promoters, just agents.

4. A trainer will fall asleep because his fight starts after midnight.

5. Sen. John McCain becomes boxing czar.

6. Open scoring (judges pick rounds live).

7. Between-round CATscans.

8. Mike Tyson becomes third heavyweight to regain heavyweight title for third time.

9. Leonard-Duran III.

10. Tyson-Holyfield III.

11. Foreman-Holmes I.

12. Fantasy boxing becomes huge.

13. Don King is finally found guilty and goes back to prison.

14. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Fernando Vargas top the pound-for-pound lists.

15. Headgear in women's bouts.

16. A woman fights for a man's world title.

17. More Cubans will leave their country for fame in the U.S..

18. Professionals will be allowed to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

19. Roy Jones Jr. will retire undefeated.

20. The super heavyweight division will be created.

21. Max Kellerman leaves ESPN studios to turn professional.

Eric Karabell is the boxing editor at