Monday, December 20
21 NBA predictions for the 21st century
By Eric Karabell

Michael Jordan
Is coaching in Carolina in Michael Jordan's future?
As the 21st century begins, here are 21 things to keep an eye out for in the NBA:

1. No more NBA draft.

2. The first ninth-grader to jump to the NBA.

3. Instant replay.

4. Players pay the money to have arenas named after them (Shaq Center, Iverson Arena, Pierce Garden).

5. 4 on 4 in OT.

6. A NBA franchise in Las Vegas.

7. Franchises in Mexico, Japan (Tokyo Pokémon), Johannesburg and Italy.

8. But no franchise in Vancouver.

9. The fazing out of point guards for more talented, athletic passing big men.

10. Isiah Thomas' CBA becomes a true minor league.

11. Doc Rivers becomes one of the most prolific coaches of all-time.

12. The Kobe-Shaq-Phil Jackson dynasty wins five NBA titles.

13. But not before Shaq breaks a rim shooting a free throw.

14. With all contracts fixed, there are no agents.

15. Michael Jordan becomes coach of the Charlotte Hornets.

16. Charles Barkley becomes a TNT announcer.

17. Karl Malone and John Stockton enter the Hall of Fame together.

18. Michael Jordan enters the Hall of Fame alone.

19. Vince Carter is compared to Jordan his entire career, and wins an NBA title.

20. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett each win three league MVP awards.

21. Every team starts using the Triangle offense.

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