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We thought we 'd give you some of the must know info about Montour's most important moments, their most famous alumni, their celeb fans, their cheerleaders, and of course, their rivalries.

Laces Out: The Unforgettable
During the 1996 Regional Championship game, Montour lost a game 2-0 in a single play, after an opponent blocked an easy field goal kicked from the 9-yard line.

Where Legends Are Born: Legendary Alumni
John Hufnagel graduated from Montour during the early 70s. He continued to play at Penn State and moved on to become one of Bob Hope's Kodak Americans, joining the NFL as part of the Denver Broncos, and then moving on to the Canadian League. Today he is the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, and was a part of the Super Bowl-winning coaching staff of the New England Patriots. Ted Kwalick, a tight end and Montour alumni, currently holds a spot in the NFL hall of fame.
Bob Phillips, now deceased, was a former Montour coach that became offensive coordinator for Penn State under Coach Joe Paterno.
Chuck Burkhart, a Montour quarterback, didn't lose a single game throughout his entire high school career. He went on to be the head starting quarterback at Penn State and didn't lose a single game there either.

We've Got Spirit Yes We Do, We've Got Spirit How 'Bout You…
Montour's cheerleaders have won the national championships at Disney World for the past two years.

Batman In The Stands
Actor Michael Keaton, a Montour grad, played golf for his school. He has a large family, the Douglas family (he changed his name for Hollywood) that always comes out for the football games. When he is in town, he makes a point to be at the Friday Night games.

Deeply Rooted Rivalries
Montour faces a tough conference of championship teams every year. The rivalries, while friendly, are deeply rooted rivalries in tradition because they have been playing the same schools for fifty years. Four of Montour's rival schools- Chartiers Valley, West Allegheny, Moon, and Black Hawk - have won regional championships within the last seven or eight years. Their regional champs typically dominate the state conference.