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Episode 5
In Episode 5, the re-vamped Team Exodus (Greg, Doug, Eric and Stacey) finds luck in completing task #24 at the River Downs Racetrack (get your picture taken in the winner's circle with the winning horse). Exodus then rushes off to Indianapolis in hopes of accomplishing a task with the help of the Indiana Pacers. After finding out that no Pacers players are around, a still enthusiastic Team Exodus decides instead to attempt task #9 (beat a WNBA player at one on one). Greg is selected to play the Indiana Fever's Natalie Williams, but like Charles of Team Cake, he loses, 6-7.

Team Cake, meanwhile, makes its way from Toledo, Ohio, to Chicago and is generously given use of a car from a friend of Charles. The next day, they set out to tackle task #21 (get a picture with a net that's been cut down by any of the four teams that went to the Final Four in 2003). They drive to Marquette University in Wisconsin, where Scott Merritt, a starter for MU's basketball team, agrees to take a picture with them and a piece of the net. Cake then moves on to Lake Forest, Illinois, with hopes of completing a task with the Chicago Bears. No players are available to help them, however, so they go to Wrigley Field to try task #46 (lead "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at a Cubs' home game). The odds prove against them when no public relations representative will speak to them, and Charles' friend's car gets booted for being parked illegally.

When Day 10 arrives, the teams find out that they are to play a series of three games against each other - a free-throw competition, a game of PIG and Blind Man's Bluff with Chicago Bulls player Jason Williams. Team Exodus quickly puts Team Cake away as Greg and Stacey each have a hand at beating Charles in both free throws and PIG. Exodus is rewarded with a Subaru Baja and a meal at McDonald's, leaving Charles sulking from losing to a girl. Team Exodus also attempts task #16 (Catch a 35-yard pass from an NFL All-Pro quarterback. All 4 team members must catch the ball), which Cake tried before in Lake Forest. Exodus goes directly to the source and calls Chicago Bears quarterback, Chris Chandler. Chandler arrives an hour later and throws three 35-yard passes to Stacey, none of which she can catch and the task is over before anyone else gets to try. Chandler promises the slightly discouraged Team Exodus to help them again the next day, while Team Cake tries once more to find success at Wrigley Field.

The Episode ends with Team Exodus still in the lead, 7-6.

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