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Episode 4
Episode 4 of Beg Borrow and Deal is filled with more surprises, twists, and turns as Teams Cake and Exodus continue their journeys to Chicago.

Team Exodus kicks off the episode begging for a room at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN, wondering who their new teammate will be and whether he or she will affect the team's compatibility. Their questions are answered when they are introduced to their new teammate, Eric, who was recently eliminated from Team Cake. The next day, Exodus sets out to attempt Task #19, where one member must box an entire three-minute round with a female pro boxer. Doug is chosen to represent Team Exodus, and after three minutes of bobbing and weaving and a few traded blows, Team Exodus scores another point, bumping up their lead to two. They set out for Ohio, excited and determined to complete Task #45, dousing a current or former NFL coach in Gatorade. Hoping to dump Gatorade on Marvin Lewis, the team is discouraged when their request is denied. They make a quick decision to move on to the Cincinnati River Downs Racetrack in an attempt to accomplish Task #24, getting a photo taken with a horse in the winner's circle.

Meanwhile, Cake advances to Washington, DC, earning use of a Subaru and moving ahead to Cleveland. Along the way, they are greeted by their new teammate, Kerri, formerly of Exodus, who is received with mixed reactions. While Charles is excited to have Kerri as his new team member, the girls of the team don't share his enthusiasm. Team Cake goes to Jacob's Field in Cleveland, where they decide to try Task #50, selling 100 hot dogs at an MLB stadium while eating one dog for every 10 sold. Charles is nominated to consume all 10 hot dogs, and the team succeeds as the girls sell 100. With the score now 6-5, Team Cake convinces a man named Troy to drive them to Chicago. Their night gets interesting when Troy takes the team to the strip club he owns. While Kerri and Charles make the most out of their experience, Annmarie expresses her aggravation at her team's lack of focus on the mission.

With this episode of Beg, Borrow and Deal behind them, both teams must move on to Chicago, where they will have to face each other in direct competition.

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