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Episode 1

Episode 1 of Beg, Borrow & Deal 2 featured a whole lot of begging,, borrowing and dealing by both the Red Team and the Green Team, but in the end, not many tasks were completed.

Both teams started off Episode 1in Miami with fire in their eyes and the race of their lives in front of them. The Green Team - Stacey, Doug, Greg and Kerri - after failing their first few shots at completing tasks, hitched rides from Miami to Jacksonville (by way of Daytona), where they finally complete their first task. The Green Team decides to conquer Task #42 (Get a permanent tattoo above the waist at least 3 inches in diameter), thus earning the right to name their squad. "Team Cake" is born.

For Team Cake, the first episode ends in Atlanta, trying to deal their way into completing Task #7 (Snap and hold a 35-yard field goal for an NFL kicker).

The Red Team faced just as much, if not more frustration in the opening stages of the competition. They too failed to complete multiple tasks before finally completing Task #17 (Three team members must jump off a 10 meter diving platform - and one team member must do a cannonball.) in Miramar, Florida. Re-named Team Exodus after completing their first task, this team also ends up in Atlanta, where team member Kerri tries to hook up Task #35 (Have dinner with Mark Cuban, Daniel Snyder or the Maloof Brothers on their private jet, in their house, or in a hotel room).

At the conclusion of Episode 1, the score is Team Cake 1, Team Exodus 1.

Episode 1

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