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Episode 3
The journeys for Team Exodus and Team Cake begin at two very different places at the start of Episode 3. While Exodus makes its way from Alabama to Tennessee, Cake travels north along the East Coast to Maryland, each team trying its luck in different states.

After Team Exodus failed to accomplish Task #20 (kick a field goal in an Arena Football stadium) in Episode 2, the team finds a lucky connection in Huntsville, Alabama. The owner of the Tennessee Valley Vipers arena team hooks them up with access into a TV station in order to take a shot at Task #41(One team member must anchor a sports segment of a local news show). It turns out to be the perfect task for Exodus team member Greg. His success on the show wins Team Exodus a point, bringing the score to 4-3. They move on to Nashville with high hopes but the fear of the impending teammate elimination decision consuming their thoughts.

Team Cake starts off in Columbia, MD, where it easily accomplishes Task #25 (Collectively outkick a starting NFL punter). With only three minutes of practice, Eric and Kristin's kicks alone are enough to beat the Baltimore Raven's David Zastudil's 45-yard punt. In Nashville, Exodus tries to complete Task #49 (Get a picture of the Heisman Trophy with the player who won it). They lose hope when they find out all the Tennessee Titans have left the stadium for the weekend, but make a quick decision to wait outside player Eddie George's house. After hours of waiting, which involve begging for food from George's generous neighbor, their prayers are answered as Eddie George comes home and takes a picture with the team. The score, now 5-4, means more than just an extra point for the team; it means one team member from each team must get eliminated. The decision is much less complicated for Team Cake, as Eric is unanimously voted off by his teammates. Team Exodus endures a more grueling decision as Kerri is voted off the team, due to what her teammates see as her overly aggressive and pushy nature.

Each 3-member team continues on its way, as Charles of Cake prepares himself for Task #9 (Beat a WNBA player one-on-one). The team goes to Silver Springs, Maryland where Charles faces Chamique Holdsclaw of the Washington Mystics. In a well-played and tension-filled game, Charles loses to Holdsclaw, 5-7.

As the need to catch up to Exodus becomes more urgent, Team Cake presses on, discouraged but determined to even the score.

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