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Episode 2

Episode 2 begins with Team CAKE scoring the first point of the episode while in Atlanta. They completed Task #7 (Snap and hold a 35-yard field goal for an NFL starting kicker), after a long morning of waiting outside the Atlanta Falcons' practice facility hoping to bumrush a Falcons player into helping them out. They succeed by convincing Falcon kicker Jay Feeley to help them out.

Rejuvenated by the victory, Team CAKE makes its way to Duke University in an effort to complete Task #3 (Sink a 3-pointer in Cameron Indoor Stadium or the Dean Dome with either Coach K or Roy Williams present). They fall short when they find no coaches available but bounce back when they bump into Kim Miller, an Olympic gold medallist, who agrees to help them with Task #18 (Given a 50-meter head start, all team members have to beat an Olympic sprinter in the 100 meter dash).

Meanwhile, Team EXODUS makes a big move as Kerri redeems herself. After losing the team's Task Map in the last episode and causing her team to go more than 6 hours out of its way, she more than makes up for it in Episode 2. She uses her connection with the Sacramento Kings' owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof, to complete task # 35 (Have dinner with Mark Cuban, Daniel Snyder or the Maloof Brothers in a hotel room, their home or on their jet). The task was by no means simple, or inexpensive, as the Maloofs had to dish out a whopping $61,000 to send a jet to Atlanta, pick the team up, have dinner with them in California and then return them to Atlanta.

Upon their return, EXODUS hitches a ride to Alpharetta, GA, and the following morning make their way to Philips Arena, where they try to score a 3-pointer on an NBA court (Task #28 - Make an NBA 3-pointer in an NBA arena without any practice beforehand). Kerri, assumed to be the least capable of completing the task, shocks her teammates as she sinks the ball in her final attempt.

Episode 2 ends with both teams tied at 3 tasks apiece.

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