beg, borrow, & deal
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Kristin Mott

Q&A With Kristin Mott

The youngest of the eight contestants, Kristin Mott has done everything to stay out of the limelight, until Beg, Borrow & Deal 2 came along. She admits she doesn't want to be a Hollywood star, but did the show "for the experience only…just for fun!"

Mott, 21, attended the University of Oklahoma and loves college football, especially the Sooners. She currently resides in Aliso Viejo, Calif., where she is a server/billing manager.

The competitive Mott enjoys golf, softball and volleyball. Mott confesses, "There wasn't any romances" that occurred while filming the show although her teammate Charles Porter disagrees. Ultimately the truth will be relieved when the show debuts July 8.
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