TRUM: Pie could be up, wait ... he's up

April, 17, 2007
I don't have anything profound to say that others haven't said better or more eloquently, but add my thoughts and prayers for anyone affected by the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

We'll dive right into baseball because that's why you're here. Well, that and my boyish good looks. He said. Delusionally. Which is sort of a word.

So as we look at last night's baseball games, let me get this straight. Soriano was hurt because he was playing … defense? Soriano? The whole point of him is that he doesn't play defense. This is very upsetting. As of this posting, he's going to miss at least five games and might go on the DL. He's having an MRI later today.

The interesting thing here is if the Cubs call up Felix Pie. The long term trendy prospect is hitting over .400 so far this year and had 15 HRs and 17 SBs last year in 141 Triple-A games.

Eric Karabell and I were talking about this exact topic this morning on the fantasy fix podcast, and I like Pie's chances of getting called up more than he does. He brought up a good point, however, which is the idea that at a minimum, this means more at-bats for Matt Murton, which is a good thing. There's also potential for more at-bats for the speedy Ryan Theriot, who already has four games in left field for the Cubs this year. Those looking for cheap speed, check him out. He's hitting .346 with three steals so far this season.

You want no part of any of the guys who might fill in for Troy Glaus. Just be grateful the move was retroactive. Any time they aren't taking as much time as they could, it's a good thing. He should be OK, and he's a pretty good buy-low candidate from a nervous owner.

Luckily nothing to really mention about Vladimir Guerrero, who is day-to-day after taking a pitch on the hand. Another bad road start for Ervin Santana, but the defense could have helped him out a lot more than it did.

OK, this is hilarious. Between the time I started writing the above and now, I got called into a couple of meetings, shot an "Are You For Real?" fantasy segment with Christopher Harris and by the time I was done, there was Felix Pie, starting in CF for the Cubs. NL-only, go get him.

In other news from last night, I am not worried about Joakim Soria or Zack Greinke. Zack's dealing with personal issues, Soria was in a non-save situation and wasn't helped by his defense. Stay patient.

The only thing better than a six-RBI night? Getting them from your catcher. Yeah, Pudge. Yeah.

Nice little start last night by Wandy Rodriguez. Way Rod (I call him Way Rod), goes six innings giving up five hits, three walks and one earned run while striking out five. Last year (and so far this year) Way Rod's K/9 ratio is over 6, which is very solid. Ten ground balls to only two fly balls is also promising. He's an add in NL-only.

Just saying …

… This is a very solid list of names: Brian Roberts, Melvin Mora, Nick Markakis, Miguel Tejada. I list them because those are the four guys hitting ahead of the underrated Aubrey Huff.

… It's not like Dan Wheeler is lights-out all the time, either. Chad Qualls has a 2.84 ERA so far this year. Last night, he went 1.2 innings, striking out three. And he threw 23 pitches, 16 of them for strikes.

Ryan Zimmerman goes 2-for-4 with two runs and an RBI. About time.

Bengie Molina hit a home run. I have an over/under bet with my buddy Jay Levy that Bengie Molina hits more than 15 of them this year. That's 14 to go, baby, 14 to go.

… That I still want no part of Barry Zito.

Josh Hamilton hit home run No. 3 last night. You probably knew that. So did Mark DeRosa. Did you know that?

Per the ESPN Conversation (Beta!), just thought I'd say that, one, sorry about the "Sopranos" spoiler yesterday, but I just assumed everyone watched it. And it's not like I gave away any great secrets. And two, no, I did mean Kyle Farnsworth for the Yankees. Brian Bruney is probably the guy who should get to close if something happened to Mo, but I bet it would be Farnsworth. You can't judge usage now, their pitching is in shambles.



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