Friday Filberts

December, 5, 2008
Today's links are brought to you with peace, love, and understanding

• Did you know that David Kingman started 18 games at Fenway Park and hit 13 home runs? I didn't. But Joe Posnanski does, and so much more.

• T.R. Sullivan runs though the top contenders on his Hall of Fame ballot and, after dismissing Bert Blyleven, writes, "Somebody explain to me what I'm missing?????" All I can say is that we've tried; oh, how we've tried.

• I've referenced this already, but I have to again recommend Chris Dutton's and Peter Bendix's newfangled analysis of batters and BABiP. I'm not smart enough to know if their work is essential … but I'm fairly sure that it is. And while maybe not essential, Josh Kalk's answer to the question "What makes Jamie Moyer effective at 45?" sure is interesting.

• I'm guessing that half of them are apocryphal, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy these 25 best Rickey Henderson stories of all time.

• Consider this my annual salute to the amazing Len Kasper.

• Read this (including the update), then this, and then tell me if anybody really knows what's happening. With any degree of significance, I mean. We can revisit if the Tigers eventually do get Jack Wilson

• Speaking of crazy rumors, Joel Sherman says there was never anything at all to the stories about the Mets trading for Bobby Jenks and Jermaine Dye. But Sherman says the Mets are interested in J.J. Putz, who the Mariners have made "available." This wouldn't surprise me at all, because the M's have been making a fair amount of sense lately, and trading Putz for two or three young players would make a great deal of sense.



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