NLCS: More from Larry Bowa

October, 21, 2009
9:16 p.m. ET

One other item to pass along from the Larry Bowa files. Bowa said that many of the younger players, he thought, didn't grasp that this was a "do-or-die" game. And in these types of games, you do whatever it takes to win.

Down 4-2 and with Clayton Kershaw warming up in the second inning, it seemed as if what Bowa said was fairly relevant.

"If you have to bring in a reliever in the third inning, that's what you do," he said. "If you have to lay down a bunt with your cleanup hitter, that's what you do."

So, does that mean Manny Ramirez will be laying down a bunt?

"Well, our cleanup hitter probably won't be laying down a bunt," Bowa said.



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