Leadership Through Sports

Boys & Girls Club of Pueblo County

Sports builds skills that people can use throughout their entire lives, including perseverance, teamwork, accountability and leadership. Sports also can create a level playing field, where no matter someone's socioeconomic, cultural or educational background, people can work together towards a common goal.

We strive to enable leadership through sports by supporting programs that:

  • Foster physical development, leadership, self-confidence and life skills.

  • Utilize sports as a vehicle for enablement to bridge gender inequalities; improve educational success; enhance economic opportunities; and foster social inclusion of marginalized groups, including youth with disabilities.

  • Empower innovation and creativity in technology and journalism to develop the next generation of leaders.

From empowering people with disabilities through Special Olympics Unified Sports, to reducing bullying in schools through Shred Hate, to enabling opportunities for African American and Hispanic girls through sports with the Women's Sports Foundation, we team up with organizations that are helping people build life skills through sports.

ESPN's support extends internationally as well, as we look to enhance the economic outlook of youth in underserved communities across the globe through the Safe Spaces program with love.futbol and A Ganar, as well as the Caravana do Esporte program in Brazil.

And at its very core, ESPN is a journalism and technology company. To that end, we also invest in organizations that are advancing these disciplines including Girls Who Code and Tribeca Film Institute.