Dickie V's MLB Awards

I am a big baseball fan. A lot of people know I am a Tampa Bay Rays season ticket holder since day one. Since I love the sport, I have my share of opinions. OK, OK, I am not Peter Gammons, Steve Phillips or Karl Ravech, but I do want to give my views on the postseason awards.

Here we go ...

NL MVP: Ryan Howard, Phillies

I give Howard the nod over Albert Pujols. Howard put the Phillies on his back for the last month and a half of the season. Don't look at his batting average, check out his home runs and RBI, especially in clutch situations.

AL MVP: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

The Red Sox have a couple of legitimate candidates in Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis. I am going with the tough second baseman, who was the catalyst for this team.

NL CY YOUNG: Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks

If Johan Santana received better support from the Mets bullpen, he might have pulled this out. Webb gets the nod.

AL CY YOUNG: Cliff Lee, Indians

I know K-Rod had a record-breaking season for saves. Lee was super, scintillating, sensational, going 22-3.

NL ROOKIE: Giovanny Soto, Cubs

The Cubs have been solid all season long and one reason has been behind the plate. Soto has lived up to expectations.

AL ROOKIE: Evan Longoria, Rays

He has done it with the bat and the glove. Remember, Longoria started the season in the minors.

NL MANAGER: Lou Piniella, Cubs

Wouldn't it be something if Piniella faced the Rays in the World Series.

AL MANAGER: Joe Maddon, Rays

The Rays are only the second team in major league history to win a division after 10+ straight seasons with losing records. That says it all.