Cardinals and Steelers look good

OK, OK, I am a sports fanatic and it is more than just college hoops. My friends, I love the NFL, especially during the playoffs. It is win or go home, baby! I was at the Ravens-Titans game in Tennessee and it was excitement galore. It was pretty cold there but I had a blast.

I may not be like Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Cris Carter and the guys at NFL Countdown, but I do have opinions on the NFL. On the Mike and Mike radio show last week, I picked Donovan McNabb and the Eagles to upset the Giants ... not a bad call!

Here we go for this weekend.

In the NFC Championship game, what a great storyline between the two veteran quarterbacks. Can Mr. McNabb pull off another W or will former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner get the job done at home. Come on, who would have thought the Cardinals would be hosting the NFC title game? No Giants, no Carolina Panthers ... wow!

I feel Warner has something special going, throwing to Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals may get another major weapon back if Anquan Boldin returns from his injury. The Eagles had to work hard to get past the Vikings and Giants, and three straight road wins is a lot to ask. I am going with Arizona to win a close one.

In the AFC championship, the Steelers have an advantage at home. Ben Roethlisberger is great come playoff time and Willie Parker looked great last week. The Ravens defense is tough and this should be a physical war. Joe Flacco's magical rookie season comes to an end.

I feel Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals will face the Steelers down in my neck of the woods, Tampa Bay, for the Super Bowl trophy.