Henry chooses KU

Kansas and Kentucky have two of the most storied programs in college basketball history.

There is tremendous anticipation at both schools as we prepare for the 2009-10 season. The Jayhawks are preseason number one in the minds of many, yet the summer has turned into a soap opera. That's right, it is called, "As The Henrys Turn."

Xavier Henry, one of the most sought-after recruits originally signed with Memphis and John Calipari. Then when Calipari left for Kentucky, there was another recruiting battle, with Henry going to the Jayhawks. Kansas was important because his mom and dad went there.

Joining Bill Self's program was a positive step. Joining the likes of Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins meant Henry could be on a national title contender from day one.

Then this story turned into a nightmare. There were reports of missing summer school time. Then came word that Xavier and his brother C.J. were re-thinking their decision and considering going to Kentucky to be with Calipari. Those rumors were flying and then the fires were flaming when Carl Henry, Xavier's dad, told KCSP radio in Kansas City that his son may go to Lexington.

The fans in Lawrence probably went wild with that report.

Well my friends, the soap opera took another twist, hopefully the final one. Xavier Henry sent a text message to the station, saying the story was over and that he was going to Kansas.

Rock, chalk, Jayhawk baby!

The situation had outsiders getting involved and people wondering what was going on. It affects players, coaches, schools. It is time for the family to step aside … the young man made his decision and let him enjoy his moment in the sun with the Jayhawks.

One of the problems is that many consider him a one-and-done guy. I have said it many times, the one-and-done doesn't work and is the worst rule for college basketball. It makes a fraud of the term student-athlete. The NBA is the only one that benefits from this rule.

A player goes to the pros with a little more experience and good coaching from the college ranks.

Henry probably wants to be in that NBA uniform now. If he is good enough, like a LeBron or a Kobe, let him go. That takes away from this type of soap opera.

Jayhawk fans can relax now and enjoy. Was all of this needed? The entourage, everyone involved, wants to hear their name on sportscasts, or in the headlines.