Dick Vitale's Christmas wish list

Ho, Ho, Ho! It is time to play the role of Santa's helper, baby! It's the Christmas season and the best thing for me to do is give gifts to those in the college basketball world that deserve them...

Santa, give Memphis a big present and let them win that appeal. The NCAA Clearinghouse did say that Derrick Rose was eligible to play. Clear the Tigers program and let them hang up that banner from the Final Four. You already delivered a top-notch recruiting class for next year!

Hey Santa, give my buddy Robert Montgomery Knight a big-time Division I head coaching job. Let him have the ability to utilize his teaching and motivational skills. He has integrity and a way of building successful programs. Knight can still flat-out coach!

Let's see if we can get Madison Square Garden rocking and rolling again. Santa, keep the St. John's program moving in the right direction. The Garden needs the Red Storm to be in the Big East picture.

Santa, please let Ohio State superstar Evan Turner have a speedy recovery from his back injury. Let him return to doing what he does best, scoring for the Buckeyes. A healthy Turner can make all the difference in the world for the fans in Columbus.

I would love to see the Pac-10 coaches have great success in recruiting, Santa. It has been a rough start to the season and it would help Larry Scott's conference if the teams upgrade a bit. They have lost so many quality players to the NBA draft in recent years, so more blue chippers coming in would be a positive step out west.

Santa Claus, keep John Calipari and Kentucky running strong. It is a great story in the Bluegrass State. Let us enjoy John Wall while we can! May he dazzle and let college basketball fans soak in every moment of his sensational talent before he goes to the pros.

Santa, let my workaholic friend Tom Crean, and his energy, land a couple more standouts to get the Hoosier program back to where it belongs. Indiana deserves a return to big-time status!

Billy Donovan won 49 games over the last two years, but that still wasn't good enough to get Florida an NCAA bid. Santa, let Donovan's Gators get a bid to the NCAA tourney this season.

Santa, please put an end to all of this talk of the NCAA tournament expanding to 96 teams. Keep it as it is!

Please find a way to solve the dilemma of the one-and-done in college basketball. It really is an embarrassment for the sport to say that these kids are student-athletes.

Finally, Santa, give all of the fans out there a happy holiday and all the joy in the world. May they celebrate a special time of year with their families and friends.