Greg Monroe should be more selfish

I have been fortunate enough to see Georgetown's big man Greg Monroe in person and on television several times this season.

He is a member of my midseason All-Solid Gold squad. One thing that separates Monroe from a lot of other big men is his passing ability. Sometimes he is too unselfish and doesn't look for his shot, instead setting up his teammates. When he has that open look, he has to shoot more.

There have been so many talented big men at Georgetown over the years. Names like Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Othella Harrington and Roy Hibbert roll right off the tongue. All of them had something in common -- aggressiveness.

I have noticed times where Monroe is not as aggressive in going to the ball and looking for his shot. Part of that is the Hoyas offensive system, which curtails his opportunity to get the basketball. This system has been effective for John Thompson III, who reached the Final Four with it a few years back.

Monroe has to get more touches and more good looks at the basket. When Connecticut held him in check in the first half of last weekend's game, adjustments were made and the Georgetown big man went to the basket more in the second half.

I don't like a guy who is 6-11 drifting on the perimeter so much. He has to get to the basket. To be an All-American, you have to be assertive.

Monroe is a good kid who does what coaches tell him to do. He is a little too passive at times.

Of course, it helps that Austin Freeman had the half of his lifetime against the Huskies, helping Georgetown get to the winner's circle.

I have seen too many games where Monroe takes six or seven shots from the floor. He has to get 12-14 attempts per game to maximize his effectiveness.

This is a very special player who is capable of more great things.