This and that

Each week I will write about the world of sports:

Brett Favre put on a show in the fourth quarter against the Cardinals. He basically saved the Vikings season as the team rallied to win in overtime. Favre finished with a career-high 446 yards in the win. There was little doubt that coach Brad Childress was on the hot seat before the game. It may be a week-to-week evaluation of the coach through the rest of the season.

• The Giants were the better team in the World Series and the pitching was incredible. Texas was held to 12 runs in five games! San Francisco's four starters were home grown and veterans like Edgar Renteria came through in a great team effort. Congrats to Brian Sabean and the entire organization.

• Congrats to the Rangers, wasting no time to get Ron Washington re-signed as manager. The Yanks owe it to Derek Jeter to get his deal done quickly! Give him four years @ 20 million per, and then a lifetime deal as an executive! He has meant so much to the franchise for years, and I just cannot see him in another uniform. He should put on the pinstripes as long as he wants.

• A true sign of how tough it is to repeat in college sports ... look at Alabama. The Crimson Tide was preseason number one, but the loss at LSU ended nick Saban's dream of going back-to-back. Things could get wild if Oregon, Auburn, TCU and Boise State run the table. All four have legitimate claims, but only two can play for the national championship in the BCS system. I can hear more cries for a playoff, baby!

• I had such a thrill introducing the top10 qualifiers at the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway. The drivers were a blast! Denny Hamlin, who won the race, is a big hoops fan and I really enjoyed talking with him. These guys are truly incredible that way they handle those race cars. I also saw Texas Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson in the garage area; he had a great season for the AL champions.

• Sparky Anderson was the nicest superstar I ever shared time with. I got to know him quite well during my time in Detroit. He will be missed.

• We also recently lost Nick Bell of Mississippi State at age 20 to cancer. We lost Maurice Lucas recently to the dreaded disease as well. We have to beat this disease