This and that

Each week I talk about the world of sports:

• Congratulations to Josh Hamilton and Joey Votto, winners of MVP honors in their respective leagues. Hamilton's story of fighting through adversity is truly special. He is an outstanding young man and I was thrilled that he won the award.

• Like many others that thought Alabama would beat Auburn, I was flat out wrong! Even if the Tigers lose to South Carolina in the SEC championship game, they should have shot to play for the national title. Do you think Boise State or TCU would go undefeated against the schedule that Auburn faced? It was simply amazing what Auburn did to Alabama! Congrats to Cam Newton and the Tigers for the comeback of the year!

• Meanwhile, the Heisman race is simple to figure out. How do the people selecting not vote for Newton? Unless all the rumors about him are true, he has to be the winner.

• Do you think that the leaders of the BCS were jubilant over the loss by Boise State? Nevada deserves a lot of credit for fighting back from a 24-7 deficit. It was tough for Chris Petersen's team, however, missing a pair of field goals. I know fans in TCU were happy with that result!

• It is hard to believe that a team with the offensive talent of the Cincinnati Bengals can be 2-9! Think about it: TO, Ocho Cinco, Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson. And this club has just two Ws?

• Do you think Peyton Manning is getting a little frustrated? The injury bug has killed the Colts this season and Sunday's loss to the Chargers insured that Indianapolis would fall short of a 10-win season.

• I wonder what California coach Mike Montgomery was thinking when his team recently scored five points in the second half of a game vs. Notre Dame? Five points in a half of basketball with a shot clock ... wow!

• Words of advice to LeBron James as his Miami Heat have struggled a bit early. He must not try to satisfy teammates and play in attack mode like he did as a Cav. He is so talented but very passive.

• I have to wonder if Stanford can keep coach Jim Harbaugh. Will his alma mater be calling as the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has turned into a mismatch? The Cardinal scored another impressive victory by blasting Oregon State last weekend.

• I am so proud to know Boston College defensive star Mark Herzlich as he is so inspirational to many fans. He had an interception as the Eagles beat Syracuse last weekend. He beat cancer and returned to the field this season. What a special young man!