Ready to rock Cleveland

The city of Cleveland is going uptown, baby! Johnny Manziel is a Cleveland Brown. The No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, Andrew Wiggins, is headed to Cleveland. The Cavs also got a long-term commitment from Kyrie Irving, and now Cleveland rocks again as LeBron James decides to come home.

The star of stars will finish his illustrious career where it all began.

Many people wondered if LeBron could make up with owner Dan Gilbert. After all, the owner wrote a scathing letter after King James made his famous "decision" to go to Miami. Gilbert called James "selfish" and "a quitter" in that infamous letter to Cavs fans.

It clearly hurt the owner when he saw LeBron leave the first time. He lost someone so vital to the whole city of Cleveland, as well as the franchise. These two men seem to have patched things up to clear the way for a return.

I know that some Miami fans will be upset with this latest move. They should think about the accomplishments over the past four seasons. The Heat won two rings and made trips to the championship round all four seasons. It was an incredible achievement. LeBron is a winner in every way.

The big three of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were special. While there will be some pain for now, Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and company will get this franchise back on the track in the near future.

Let's remember, the Heat will have lots of cap room for the 2015 free agency period, which should be loaded. Miami will not be down for long.

Cleveland is the big winner in the LeBron sweepstakes. Look at the dynamic team the Cavs are surrounding him with. Of course there may be more moves ahead. There have been rumors of Kevin Love heading to Cleveland. There will probably be other cap-related decisions.

The Cavaliers have the nucleus of a winner. I heard that the team has been favored to win the NBA title next season, so expectations will run pretty high. The Spurs, Thunder and several others may have something to say about that.

For now, the city of Cleveland has reason to celebrate. It's time to break out the T-shirts some companies are selling that promote forgiveness. Long live King James in Ohio!