Love the trifecta, baby!

The 3-point shot has revolutionized the game of college basketball. It is the great equalizer in the sport.

Teams with a long-range bomber who can hit the area code jumper can stay in a game against teams with more dominant inside games. Prior to the addition of the 3-pointer, teams with a great inside game could take charge by throwing the ball down low and controlling the glass. Now teams that can shoot the trifecta can come back and have a chance. It has changed game strategy, impacted recruiting and influenced the way the little guy plays the game.

I remember when the 3-pointer first came into the college game. One person who immediately took advantage of it was Providence coach Rick Pitino. He had a major outside threat in Billy the Kid -- Billy Donovan. The Friars made it all the way to the Final Four in 1987, and the 3-point shot was a big reason why.

Today, it helps make the game interesting and competitive. It's important for the Davids to have a chance against the Goliaths. If you can step outside and shoot the 3 as a team, you can be extremely dangerous.

But, my friends, it is also a shot that you can live and die by. There have been many games where teams come out cold and miss so many 3s that they fall behind and dig a deep hole.

I love what the trifecta has done for the sport. There have been so many great moments when a team has scored an emotional W by hitting that last-second shot. It puts the madness in March Madness!

Imagine if some of the superstars of the past had the 3-pointer at their disposal? How many points per game would a guy like Jerry West have averaged?

The trifecta is awesome, baby with a capital A!