Time to change rule to allow six fouls

I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be happy for. I have such a great family, a beautiful wife, two great children, two outstanding son-in-laws and five fantastic grandchildren.

While preparing for the holiday, I was thinking about a way for college basketball to improve. With that in mind, I have an idea for a rule change.

I feel that the sport should go to six personal fouls instead of the current rule of five. I know that the NBA, when it is playing, has six fouls over 48 minutes, while the college game is only 40 minutes.

My friends, why should there be a change? First of all, fans come to see the stars shining in the college ranks. Too often, a star picks up his second foul and is forced to the bench for the rest of the half. If the game went to six fouls, a player with two early fouls would likely stay in longer.

It would also allow a player to compete at a higher level without worrying as much about getting into foul trouble.

I know this is thinking out of the box a bit, but I believe it would be a positive for the game.

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