VBDI's Selection Sunday projection

Here it is, my projections for the field of 68.

The VBDI (Vitale Bald Dome Index) has gone absolutely bananas, baby!

Breaking down the field of 68 is not easy. A number of bubble teams are rooting for Xavier over St. Bonaventure. If the Bonnies win, it is one for the bid stealers.

I have tried to sort things out, by conference.

If St. Bonaventure wins, then Mississippi State will fall out of the field, in my view.

This is based on what I believe the committee will do. Personally, I would reward more of the mid-majors like Iona for great play during the regular season.

We will find out on Sunday how this all plays out. The committee may see things a little differently, like with VCU last season.