No title doesn't mean no success

I recently had a breakfast at The Broken Egg when a fan told me that if Kentucky lost in the NCAA tournament, this would be deemed a disappointing season for John Calipari.

On a recent media conference call, I was asked about Jim Boeheim winning just one national championship despite having several highly-ranked teams.

Are you kidding me? We are talking about a Hall-of-Fame coach in Boeheim and a coach that has been in the Final Four several times in Calipari.

These guys have done a terrific job and rate among the elite coaches in America, yet if they do not win the national championship, there is a perception out there that their season ends in disappointment.

You cannot be serious. Only one team can cut down the nets at the end of a season. That doesn't make everyone else finish as a disappointment.

We live in a world now where the expectations are ridiculous at times. We evaluate college basketball teams on what they do on the tournament, and if they have a bad day, they are labeled in a negative light. If they miss a shot in crunch time, they are blasted.

With social media, talk radio and the blogs out there, it is all about what have you done for me lately. We live in a world where instant gratifcation stands out.

It is sad in a way when people are so critical despite a successful overall season.

Of course Calipari and Boeheim want to win it all. That is the goal at the start of the season and start of the tournament.

If they don't, that doesn't mean their hard work all season long is worthless. I'm sorry, but a loss does not make you a failure.