Timing of Greenberg firing is strange

I was a bit surprised by the timing of Virginia Tech's announcement of coach Seth Greenberg's firing.

The Hokies were always competitive under Greenberg. Just look at this season, when his team was hampered by numerous injuries. Virginia Tech went down to Duke and almost stunned the Blue Devils. He was 170-123 over nine seasons there, twice winning ACC Coach of the Year honors.

Over the years, I felt Greenberg's teams were unfairly excluded from the big dance twice. I felt the resume was impressive enough, especially the year that the Hokies beat Duke late in the season on a Saturday night game I called.

It was interesting to hear the logic of athletic director Jim Weaver. He had a few assistant coaches to replace, so instead of filling those vacancies, he opted to clean house.

If it is true that Greenberg had four years left on his contract, as reported by several media outlets, that was an expensive and questionable decision by Mr. Weaver. There's over $1 million on the table to be paid out.

I have always respected to job that Greenberg has done. Let's face it, Virginia Tech has been known for its success on the gridiron. The fans in Blacksburg are very passionate, and while this season ended in disappointment and a losing record, the injuries were a legitimate factor.

It has been a wild offseason for college basketball. The coaching carousel has run amok. Transfers have been in the headlines too. Recruiting has seen some interesting moves and many feel the addition of Tony Parker makes UCLA numero uno for the class of 2012-13. Larry Brown is back in coaching at age 71.

Wow, it has been wild and wacky. Now this news about Seth Greenberg; it caught me totally off-guard.