Realignment hurting college hoops

It seems there is more news involving conference realignment in college athletics every week.

It is becoming very hard to keep track of what is going on these days. You need a scorecard to keep track of everything. The bottom line is, this is all about the cash. The money is making schools throw away traditional rivalries. There is no rhyme or reason about geography playing into this. Come on, Boise State is going to the Big East (for now, and that could certainly change again).

Maryland's decision to leave the ACC for the Big Ten, followed by Rutgers' decision to abandon the Big East, is sad. I felt like I had a knife put in me when I heard about the Terps. I loved calling games between Maryland and Duke, as well as North Carolina. Now those are going away like Kansas-Missouri, Georgetown-Syracuse and West Virginia-Pittsburgh.

I appreciate what Maryland's administration said about it being a financial decision, but it costs $50 million to get out of the ACC. I think this whole scenario is frustrating for fans out there, and you know that this is not the last move coming.

Will the ACC reach out to Connecticut or Louisville? Will Boise State and San Diego State move to the Big East as previously announced? Stay tuned. By the time we are done, we may have a few super-conferences dictating everything.

It is already strange to see Missouri and Texas A&M in the SEC. It is difficult to think about this being the last year of Syracuse-Georgetown, especially while calling the Hoyas game against Indiana in Brooklyn on Tuesday night.

I know that these moves are driven by the dollars of college football. It is a shame that college basketball is caught in the crossfire of all of this.