Low scoring games

What is going on with offensive efficiency in college basketball?

Where is the scoring and the smooth running offenses? Look at the scores out there and it is a nightmare. There is a shot clock and a three-point line. Teams having a tough time getting to 40, wow.

You saw Tennessee-Georgetown game, ending 37-36. You see the Tennessee-Virginia score (46-38). It is getting ugly, baby! Nebraska scored 42 against Creighton. Florida State and South Florida didn't get to 50 points on Wednesday. You would think there is a delay game going on.

Scoring has been going down every year. I feel that there are some conservative offenses as players don't get to perform like they do on the playgrounds in preparing for the seasons. Guys should be allowed to cut loose and play. Players are a bit restricted. Let guys demonstrate the ability to get to the rim. They can run in transition. Give them some more freedom to perform.

I understand defense has improved with the team concept compared to individuals playing it. Now people rotate so well in team defense. Give credit for the way a lot of teams play so well on that end of the court, working as a unit.

We need to speed up the game and have players play at a better pace.

Shot selection is so important. Let's make sure the right guys are shooting the rock. I want to see people tickling the twine. I want to talk about nothing but nylon, baby!

We used to have explosive, exciting scorers like Jimmer Fredette of BYU, Stephen Curry of Davidson, J.J. Redick of Duke and Adam Morrison of Gonzaga. That was not that long ago when these guys were lighting it up, putting up 26-28 points per game on the board. You don't have as many big-time scorers right now.

I am a little disappointed. I have seen brick city USA, one brick after another. College basketball should be better on the offensive end with the great athletes we have on the court.