Roundball Chatter for Feb. 25

• I think the time has come, with the money involved in the game, that the sport goes to full-time referees. I think that it would make officiating better and therefore make the game better.

• It is sad to see more rivalries going away. I know Georgetown and Syracuse was so special up in the Carrier Dome last weekend. I think back to the days of Patrick Ewing and Derrick Coleman and other stars in the rivalry and realize that fans lose out with this conference re-aligmment changing the landscape of the sport. I know they have one more regular season meeting, but there was so much history between the teams at the Dome.

• When I watch college basketball today, I see too many kids who do not understand the importance of knowing clock and score. They do not understand how to play in certain situations.

• Quick, who is the hottest team in America? If you said Akron, you are right! The Zips, after a 4-4 start, have won 18 in a row. The leader of the MAC can be dangerous come tournament time.

• Please explain how the NCAA says head coaches like Frank Haith are responsible for the actions of their staffs, but the NCAA President is not? It does not make sense to me.

• I just loved the intensity, emotion and passion that Tom Crean and Tom Izzo displayed during last Tuesday's Indiana-Michigan State game. Those guys wanted to win so badly. They are two of the best coaches in America and their hunger and desire was evident.

• What has happened to the Golden Gophers? Tubby Smith's team is one of the major disappointments this year. I thought they were going to be in the top 15!

• Charlotte dismissed guard DeMario Mayfield. He had been suspended since late January for violating team rules. Mayfield was averaging a team-high 11.7 points prior to his latest indiscretion. Players are held accountable for their actions and they hurt their team in scenarios like this.

• Florida suffered a blow when Michael Frazier was injured. The team's depth has been affected by his loss, plus that of Will Yeguete.