Roundball chatter

Each week I'll write about the sport I love, college basketball:

• The NIT preseason tipoff bracket is set and the finals could be something special. Favored to make it to the championship game are Duke and Arizona. If it comes to pass, diaper dandies Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker could square off.

• Come on NCAA eligibility people, do what is right like you have done for others and give Old Dominion's Donte Hill his eligibility. He played eight minutes in a scrimmage a few years back and now he is being punished by missing a whole season. Suspend him for a few games and let him play the rest of the campaign, baby!

• Let's end all this transfer nonsense in college hoops. Let players transfer and be eligible immediately. Coaches, professors and AD's don't sit out when they leave and go elsewhere!

• I have always talked about accountability. The latest athlete to receive a suspension for violating team rules is Georgia Tech starter Chris Bolden, who will miss the first three games of the season. The suspension includes the contest against rival Georgia. Bolden had 21 points in an upset win at Miami last season.

• I have said it before and I will say it again. Howard Garfinkel of Five-Star basketball camp fame belongs in the Hall of Fame in Springfield. He has contributed so much to the game I love.