Almanac: 1980

Top five athletes
1. Eric Heiden: Won five gold medals in speed skating at Winter Olympics.
2. George Brett, Kansas City Royals: .390 average, 24 HRs, 118 RBI, .664 slugging, AL MVP.
3. Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies: 48 HRs, 121 RBI, NL MVP, World Series MVP.
4. Earl Campbell, Houston Oilers: 1,934 rushing yards, 5.2 avg, 13 TDs.
5. Jim McMahon, BYU: Threw for 4,571 yards and 47 TDs.

Top five teams
1. U.S. Olympic hockey team. Shocked the Soviets and won the gold.
2. Los Angeles Lakers (60-22). Rookie Magic Johnson led Lakers to title.
3. Philadelphia Phillies (91-71). Only World Series title in Phillies history.
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4). Steel Curtain won fourth Super Bowl in six seasons.
5. Georgia football (12-0). Freshman running back Herschel Walker led the way.

Sports moves

  • Atlanta Flames to Calgary

  • New Orleans Jazz to Utah

  • Dallas Mavericks join NBA

  • Rink-board advertising debuts in NHL

    Pop culture trivia
    Oscar winner: Ordinary People

    Most popular TV show: Dallas

    Top of the Pops: Call Me, Blondie

    Fiction bestseller: The Covenant, James A. Michener

    Nonfiction bestseller: Crisis Investing: Opportunities and Profits in the Coming Great Depression by Douglas R. Casey

    Pop culture potpourri: "Who Shot J.R.?" -- we found out, November, 1980; CNN, Post-It notes debut; John Lennon murdered outside his apartment in New York.