Almanac: 1994

Top five athletes
1. Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers: 3,969 yards, 70.3%, 35 TDs, MVP, Super Bowl MVP.
2. Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets: 27.3 points, 11.9 rebounds, MVP, Finals MVP.
3. Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros: 39 HRs, 116 RBI, .368, .750 slugging, NL MVP.
4. Nick Price: Two majors, six PGA Tour wins, #1 in world, Player of Year.
5. Pete Sampras: Wins 10 of 22 tournaments, two majors, ranked #1 in world.

Top five teams
1. Brazil soccer. Wins the World Cup over Italy at the Rose Bowl.
2. New York Rangers (112 points). Mark Messier leads Rangers to first Stanley Cup since 1940.
3. Nebraska football (13-0). Penn State also undefeated, but voters give title to Tom Osborne.
4. Arkansas basketball (31-3). Forty minutes of hell.
5. Dallas Cowboys (12-4). And the Bills lose a fourth straight Super Bowl.

Sports moves

  • Cleveland Indians into Jacobs Field

  • Texas Rangers into Ballpark at Arlington

  • Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks into United Center

  • Cleveland Cavaliers into Gund Arena

  • St. Louis Blues into Savvis Center

  • World Series cancelled for only time in history

    Pop culture trivia
    Oscar winner: Forrest Gump

    Most popular TV show: Seinfeld

    Top of the Pops: The Power Of Love, Celine Dion

    Fiction bestseller: "The Chamber," John Grishman

    Nonfiction bestseller: In the Kitchen with Rosie, Rosie Daley

    Pop culture potpourri: Hello, "Friends"; hello, spam; hello, PlayStatio; Power Rangers are huge hit; President Clinton stuns world with revelation that he wears boxers; O.J. runs and Tonya's thugs take down Nancy.